Rainbow rice recipe

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I have had so much fun this week playing with this ‘Rainbow Rice’!! (Who said playing was just for children?) I have seen a few different ways to make coloured rice, but I have adapted them to make my own…and it turned out great!!!


What you’ll need….

  • White rice (the cheap stuff is great and it’s best to buy in bulk)
  • White vinegar
  • Food colouring
  • Zip-lock freezer bags

The Recipe

Well, it’s so simple. Just add your desired amount of rice to the zip-lock bag (I added 800g per colour). Next, add the vinegar. I tried to add as little as possible, as the smell is not very inviting. I added just enough to help the food colouring soak into the rice (1-1 1/2 tbsp per colour). Then add the food colouring AND SHAKE!!

The best part is that little ones can help with the shaking. It is a great activity in itself, for the children to see the colour changes as the rice soaks up the colour. Once there is an even coating, lay out on baking sheets and leave to air-dry. As long as the rice is spread out to an even-layer it should dry within a few hours, but you can leave over-night to make sure.

Play Time

To start off with, I left the rice colours separate. I placed each colour into a tray and added different sensory items of the same colour to make a ‘colour sensory tray’. The children loved exploring the rice and noticing similar items.




Next, we mixed 2 colours together. I placed 2 separate smaller tray next to each other, one with green rice and one with red. I placed many containers and spoons also in the tray and let the children go for it! They love mixing the colours together from one container to the other.


001 (2)

After all this colour exploring, we were ready to mix all the colours together and make ‘Rainbow Rice’. This was great a there was so much rice into he container, the children loved burying their hands in it and other smaller toys. I also decided to make a bottle shaker with rainbow rice, which the children select first when exploring the bottle shakers. It makes a great noise and is so colourful.

If you love this activity, you’ll also love my Rainbow playdough activity!! Check it out.

Rainbow rice

Have you tried making coloured rice, or do you have a different recipe that worked even better? I want to hear from you xx


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