LESS MESS – 26 (almost) Mess-Free Sensory Activities

After my post for staying sane during sensory play, I decided to make a list of great, sensory play activities which allow you to have so much fun without 1getting incredibly messy.

1 – Sticky mural for toddlers is a great activity, to have fun sticking without the mess of glue. 

2 – Paint in a bag allows your child to explore through their senses, especially sight and touch.

3 – Colour mixing bags can help toddlers explore colour, even if they are not keen on getting messy.

4 – Pumpkin play sensory bag is great for an autumn activity for babies.

5 – Scent jars are a great way to explore smell.

6 – Squishy bags are fab and very easy to make! Will definitely be trying this one at work.

7 – Ice sensory bags helps babies explore the feeling of cold (and you could also make a warm one, too)

8 – Painting with water is an inspired way of painting without the mess.

9 – A sensory board will keep busy toddler minds active for ages, and helps them develop problem-solving skills as well as exploring the items through their senses.

210 – Treasure baskets are amazing for developing babies sensory exploration.

11 – Sensory balloons are great and the possibilities of contents are endless.

12 – Sensory art will allows babies and toddlers to make amazing canvas art.

13 – Foil blanket play will awaken your babies senses, including sight, sound and touch.

14 – Super sensory bags use hair gel and various items to create great sensory experiences.

15 – Polar peas pop is another one to explore cold and would be great with the rhyme ‘5 little peas’.

16 – Glow in the dark slime is an imaginative take on sensory bags and would be great in a dark tent.

17 – Nature sun catchers are one of my favourites, calling for a nature walk before making this fantastic art.

18 – Rainbow sensory bin is a no-mess colour exploring activity, and you can add other coloured items too.3

19 – Cardboard tube game is great for fine motor skills, also to explore colour and patterns.

20 – Felt flowers look amazing and you can adapt the activity to create anything (Easter eggs/animals).

21 – Colour experiments are a great way to explore light and take minimal effort to make.

22 –Painting in a can allows your child to create great art whilst having a fab time, using gross motor skills to shake, shake, SHAKE!

23 – Crayon rubbings are great for older children to explore patterns and textures.

24 – Egg decorating using crayons to decorate eggs – great for an Easter activity.

25 – Sandpaper and yarn is so simple, yet will keep the kids entertained for ages. A great sensory activity and you can make beautiful pictures, too.

26 – Ball pool bath lets the children play in the bath without the mess of water to clean up.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the activities… Do your little ones prefer getting messy or staying clean? xx


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